Increased focus on the educational sessions:

Besides the traditional morning educational sessions, the IEC offers a series of whole-day and half-day courses, before the official opening ceremony.

The courses target ILAE´s new list of competencies and learning objectives for epileptologist, and it comprises the following courses:

More information on fees and availability of courses are available via the REGISTRATION SYSTEM.


Full day teaching course

Neuroimaging in Epilepsy – What the Clinician Should Know

Half day teaching courses

Epilepsy diagnosis

EEG in diagnosing patients with epilepsy (EEG starter)

Pharmacological treatment: starter course

Status epilepticus


Early morning teaching sessions

EEG source imaging – part one: theory

Focal Cortical Dysplasia: an update

Counselling patients with epilepsy, caregivers and relatives

EEG source imaging –part two: hands-on

Autoimmune epilepsy – Clinical diagnosis and treatment: A practical approach

Video-session: is this epilepsy or not?

VIREPA courses: EEG (basic and advanced)

Epileptic Encephalopathies

Video-session: focal seizures

VIREPA courses: sleep and pediatric EEG

Teaching course for neurophysiology technicians

Video-session: generalized seizures


More details on these courses and the teaching programme will be available in the coming weeks.