The Scientific and Organising Committee (SOC) would like to provide you with the opportunity to submit a main topic proposal for one of the five main topics of the congress.  Topic proposals must be submitted using the official online form, before the closing date which has been extended to Friday, 25 October 2019.  You can access the online form by clicking on the topic proposal form button below.

We would also like to invite you to submit a session proposal(s) for up to two 90-minute sessions to form part of the scientific programme. Full proposals including the names of speakers and the suggested session and presentation titles, must be submitted using the official online form, before the closing date which has been extended to Friday, 25 October 2019. Please refer to the instructions and recommendations below, before submitting a proposal. The aim of the Scientific and Organising Committee is to create a comprehensive programme which will encompass topical and varied themes. Please note that the SOC will be responsible for the final selection of sessions; presentations and/or speakers may be changed or amended to fit the overall programme as the SOC deems it appropriate and the SOC will decide on the format of sessions. You can access the online form by clicking on the session proposal form button below.

Please note that the present invitation to submit proposals refers to the scientific sessions and not to the specialty Talking Shops. A separate invitation for the Talking Shops will be circulated at a later stage. If you have any questions about the submission process, please the congress secretariat at


Please review the following instructions and recommendations before preparing a session proposal:

  1. The Scientific and Organising Committee (SOC) encourages presentations by eminent people in the field. Proposals from young people in the early stage of their career are especially encouraged.
  2. Include the name, affiliation and contact details of the person/group making the proposal.
  3. The person making a proposal does not have to be included in the programme proposed.
  4. The person proposing a session should have substantial experience in the proposed topic.
  5. In order to facilitate discussion and interaction with the audience, the presentations in a session should be limited to 60 minutes. The maximum duration of a session will be 90 minutes, including discussion.
  6. Please provide a maximum of 4 suggested presentations and speakers for a session.
  7. When suggesting speakers, please consider the need to ensure geographical diversity.
  8. The distribution of speakers, on the basis of both geography and gender, is important to ensure balance in the programme.
  9. With a few exceptions, each individual may only appear twice as a speaker and/or a chair during the congress sessions (not including satellite symposia).
  10. Whenever appropriate, sessions should cover both paediatric and adult aspects of a specific topic or even reflect the evolution of the specific problem throughout the lifetime. Where applicable, the inclusion of complimentary presentations addressing clinical and basic science is encouraged.
  11. The inclusion of outstanding young epileptologists in every session (under 40 years of age) is encouraged.
  12. Please provide a short summary (up to 300 words) for the proposed session including objectives, reason for choosing the topic, anticipated learning outcome for the audience.
  13. Session proposals may only be submitted using this online form; proposals will not be accepted if submitted in any other way.
  14. The extended deadline for submission of proposals to is Friday, 25 October 2019.

Please note:

  • The SOC will review all proposals and will be responsible for the final selection/creation of sessions. Presentations and/or speakers may be changed or amended whenever it is deemed appropriate.
  • All proposals will be given due consideration, but the submission of a proposal does not guarantee approval by the ISOC.
  • Notification of the SOC’s decision will be made in March 2020.