The Scientific and Organising Committee thanks all those who submitted an abstract for the congress. Submitters have been notified of the outcome of the review process.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

To view poster presentation guidelines, please click here.

Poster Display Dates:

Posters will be on display on Thursday 22 August and Friday 23 August.

Presenters must be at their posters from 13.30 to 14.30.

Set Up and Removal Times:

Posters must be set up between 08.00 and 08.30 on Thursday 22 August. Materials to affix posters will be provided.

Posters may only be taken down between 18.00 and 18.30 on Friday 23 August.

The congress will not be held responsible for any posters that are left behind.

Poster Board Size:

The maximum available dimensions for posters are as follows: 90cm wide x 150cm high (portrait orientation).

It is not compulsory to use the whole of the poster board but a minimum poster size of A1 portrait (59cm wide x 84cm high) is recommended.

Remember, if the poster fills the whole of the poster board, delegates may find it difficult to read what is at the bottom of the poster.

Any posters that overlap an adjoining board will be removed.

Poster Number (P Number):

All poster presenters will receive a poster number e.g. p044. This will be used on-site for the poster board number. This poster number will also be referenced in the Final Programme, where the title of the abstracts and the authors’ details will be mentioned.

The abstracts will be available on the congress website.

For any queries, please contact the Congress Secretariat at aec@epilepsycongress.org.

Abstract Submission:

Can I make changes to my abstract after submission?

You can make changes to the abstract, even if the abstract has been submitted, up to the abstract submission deadline. Please contact aec@epilepsycongress.org.

Once the abstract submission deadline has passed, changes are not permitted unless they relate to the results of the study; in this case only after the deadline please contact aec@epilepsycongress.org.

Can I submit an abstract after the deadline?

Late abstracts will not be accepted.

Can an Encore Abstract be submitted?

Yes an Encore Abstract can be submitted providing that there is no copyright issue with the original publisher.

Abstract Acceptance:

When will I know if my abstract has been accepted?

Authors will be notified of the outcome of the abstract review by May 2019.

How will I receive the information from the Congress Secretariat?

Contact details provided at the time of submission will be used for all correspondence related to the congress. Please ensure that the correct details are entered.

All correspondence will be sent to the submitting author only. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to forward any relevant correspondence to the presenting author, if different.

How will my abstract be presented at the congress?

Abstracts are accepted for poster presentations.

My colleague has received confirmation of his/her abstract acceptance and I did not, is there something wrong?

There may be a problem with your email address, therefore please contact aec@epilepsycongress.org.

Abstracts – Onsite Information:

Will e-posters be available at the congress?

E-posters are not available at the congress.

Do posters have to stay up for the duration of the congress?

All information relating to posters is available in the section below.

Can I include videos beside my poster?

AV equipment is not provided by the congress. If you wish to order any specific equipment to complement your poster, please contact the Congress Secretariat in order to receive a quotation.

Abstracts – General Queries:

Which reference number should I use when I send a query to the Congress Secretariat?

The reference number sent to you by the Congress Secretariat with the acknowledgement of your abstract submission should be mentioned in all correspondence.

I am not the first author; can I present the poster on behalf of my colleagues?

Presentation by a second author may be allowed. Once your registration has been completed, please contact aec@epilepsycongress.org.

Can the presenting author pay one day registration fee (for that day when the poster is displayed)?

No. Once an abstract has been approved, the presenting author must register for the entire congress for final acceptance. An abstract presenter may not register as a day delegate. Non-registered authors may be excluded from publication in the congress Final Programme book.

I am a speaker in the congress programme; do I need to submit an abstract?

Speakers are not required to submit abstracts to illustrate their talks.

How do I find out information about the posters?

All information relating to posters is available in the section below.