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The International League Against Epilepsy ILAE is the world’s preeminent association of physicians and other health professionals in the field of Epilepsy.

The International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) is the global network of national epilepsy associations that represent people with epilepsy, their families and care givers.

Together ILAE and IBE organise the Epilepsy Congress family of events including the International Epilepsy Congress and regional meetings.

XI Congreso Latinoamericano de Epilepsia
23 May
26 May 2020
Medellín, Colombia
14th European Congress on Epileptology
5 July
9 July 2020
Geneva, Switzerland
1st North American
Epilepsy Congress
25 September
27 September 2020
Toronto, Canada
13th Asian & Oceanian
Epilepsy Congress
8 October
11 October 2020
Fukuoka, Japan
34th International
Epilepsy Congress
28 August
1 September 2021
Paris, France
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