Below is an overview of the main session and parallel sessions of the 33rd IEC.

Please note more information regarding speakers and sessions will be updated regularly and available on the website in the coming weeks.



Infection, inflammation and epilepsy

Challenges and solutions in providing epilepsy care

Improving outcomes in childhood epilepsy: what more can we do?

Novel therapies in epilepsy – A brave new world

Applied technology in the future of epilepsy



Application of genetic studies in epilepsy care: Genome wide association studies.

Optimizing management of epilepsy in pregnancy

Impaired Consciousness/Awareness in Epilepsy: Clinical Spectrum and Mechanistic Approaches

Making the right treatment choices in newly diagnosed epilepsy

Childhood comorbidities from mechanism to management

Key Neuropsychiatric Issues in Epilepsy in a Neurological Clinical Setting

Small patients – big challenges: neonatal seizures

Autoimmune epilepsies – Mechanisms, clinical spectra and treatment

Epilepsy in adolescents

Update on treatments of childhood epilepsies

Pros and Cons of AED withdrawal

Imaging epileptogenesis of epilepsy across the lifespan

Update on the management of status epilepticus

Epilepsy in the elderly

Epilepsy surgery: the cutting edge and level of evidence

Neuropsychology : implications for epilepsy surgery

Making an Impact by Empowering Persons with Epilepsy

Moving Beyond the Medical Management of Epilepsy

Neurobiology Symposium- Biological​ ​rhythms​ ​that​ ​modulate​ ​the​ ​risk​ ​of​ ​seizures